William de la Mare



William de la Mare
Water Gallery
Mendocino CA

Now available for sale at
The Water Gallery,
Mendocino CA

Archetypes is
about life and how we live,
about death and how we die,
about interconnectedness and
about meaning.

The story
follows its main characters,
the Traveller and the Woman,
as they discern their
role in the world. 

Approximately 320 pages of
epic prose and verse.
Printed in the Water Gallery
on 32lb 100% cotton paper,
bound by hand with hemp-twine,
enveloped in selected handmade paper
and wrapped in buffalo-hide.




The Water Tower
44969 Ukiah Street 
Mendocino CA

Wednesday - Sunday
1pm - 8pm (waves permitting)
and by appointment 

“There are galleries you walk into and know immediately you are seeing something special, something different, something through the eye of a photographer who sees the world in a light only they can perceive. I don't get that feeling very often. I did at the Water Gallery. De la Mare's work on water and light is a phenomenon all its own. I love the print I purchased. If you are in Mendocino, don't miss this tiny tucked away water tower and a chance to talk directly to the photographer.”
Tracy L.

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Water Gallery, Mendocino CA

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Water Gallery - 44969 Ukiah Street - Mendocino CA
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