William de la Mare

The Water Tower
44969 Ukiah Street 
Mendocino CA

Gallery Hours
Wednesday - Sunday
10am - 6pm (waves permitting)
and, at other times, by appointment.


“There are galleries you walk into and know immediately you are seeing something special, something different, something through the eye of a photographer who sees the world in a light only they can perceive. I don't get that feeling very often. I did at the Water Gallery. De la Mare's work on water and light is a phenomenon all its own. I love the print I purchased. If you are in Mendocino, don't miss this tiny tucked away water tower and a chance to talk directly to the photographer.”
Tracy L.

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Mendocino CA

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Water Gallery

Mendocino CA


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All photographs in the Portfolios can be commissioned at various sizes/prices.

(Approximate Sizes in inches)
Extra Small - 4x6 & 5x5 - $90
Small - 6x9 & 7x7 - $150
Medium - 8x12 & 9x9 - $350
Large - 13.5x20.25 & 13.5x13.5 - $500
Extra Large - 18x27 - $900

Simply contact me and let me know which image/s caught your eye and, usually within a week or two, the beautifully printed and carefully packaged photograph/s can be delivered to your door.

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Water Portfolios

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Any of the photographs in the Portfolios can be commissioned at various sizes/prices through the Water Gallery. 




William de la Mare
Water Gallery
Mendocino CA

The Archetypes Trilogy
Book I - Life
Book II - Death
Book III - Birth
by William de la Mare. 

The Archetypes Trilogy is now available for purchase through the Water Gallery. 

Archetypes is a deeply psychological and philosophical work directed towards an exploration and consideration of the human experience. The story consists of a series of conversations pertaining to the nature of life and the relationship of the living to death, the nature of interconnectedness and meaning, the nature of choice in the context of growth... 

The story follows its main characters - the Old Man, his son Stigandr, and Stigandr’s wife, Torunn. And it follows the twin children, Svan and Svanna, born into a protected garden, but then separated in the world, and alone. 

The complete trilogy encompasses a little less than a thousand columns of poetry and prose. Archetypes, Book I - Life is a series of conversations concerning connected facets of life. Archetypes, Book II - Death is a conversation with the embodiment of death. Archetypes, Book III - Birth provides a more direct consideration of the philosophy behind the first two books through three representations focused on positive evolution in the individual and societal contexts. 

Printed in the Water Gallery
with size 8 Charlemagne font
on 32lb 100% cotton paper, 
The Archetypes Trilogy
is bound by hand
with twelve feet of hemp twine,
enveloped in selected handmade paper,
and protected within its own
presentation box.

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