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Book I - Life
Book II - Death
Book III - Birth
 Book IV - The Svanir
Book V - Vigdis
Book VI - Light
Book VII - The Tender
by William de la Mare. 

Written in a mix of verse and prose, Archetypes is a deeply psychological and philosophical work directed towards an exploration and consideration of the human experience. The story consists of a series of conversations pertaining to the nature of life, the relationship of the living to death, the nature of interconnectedness and meaning, and the nature of choice in the context of growth.

Book I - Life is a series of conversations concerning connected facets of life.The story follows a family - the Old Man, his son Stigandr, and Stigandr’s wife, Torunn.

Book II - Death is a conversation with the embodiment of death. It follows Stigandr and Torunn’s twin children, Svan and Svanna, born into a protected garden, but then separated in the world, and alone.

Book III - Birth follows Svan in his quest to discover the Old Man’s purpose. It provides a more direct consideration of the philosophy behind the first two books through three representations focused on positive evolution in the individual and societal contexts.  

Book IV - The Svanir considers the lives of Tenders, those who in the course of time take up the Old Man’s flame. And it discerns the energetic meaning of Stigandr’s Companions.

Book V - Vigdis considers the lives of the Tribes that know the Old Man as Wolf-Father. And it discerns and considers the struggle and fall of mankind, and the resetting of life from the seed of the Tribes. 

Book VII - Light considers the conflict between Wolf Tribes and Dragon Tribes, specifically through a consideration of the forgotten role of the vampire and the dragon in the stories of man.

Book VII - The Tender provides essays and poems and considerations depicting the birth of a Tender, and a consideration of Archetypes.

Printed in the Water Gallery
with Charlemagne font on
32lb 100% cotton paper, 
is bound by hand with
thirty-six feet of hemp twine,
and enveloped in
bison hide.

Printed in
two columns
of size-eight font 
on letter-size paper, 
the work is 1071 pages.

In standard novel format
the work is 4173 pages.

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