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Water Gallery

The Water Tower
44969 Ukiah Street
Mendocino CA


“Sometimes when you travel off the beaten path you are treated to something you hadn't expected. Something unique and inspiring. Something that leaves a lasting impression upon you. This is exactly what happened when my wife and I visited Mendocino in April. It was there in the water tower that we were introduced to William de la Mare, owner of The Water Gallery. William is an incredible soul with an amazing story. Taking the time to get to know him will make you appreciate his work even more. William's work is one of a kind. His ability to capture the union of light with the forces of nature on water is truly unique. He has a gift for taking a deeper, more personal look at the interaction that will leave you awestruck. If you're in Mendocino, take the time to travel off the beaten path and visit William. You won't be disappointed.” - Christopher Lephart

“We have had a wonderful experience with this gallery. My husband and I have a modern-ish rental in the Mendocino area with a very large wall that needed—well—SOMETHING. We had scoured what we thought were all of the local galleries, to no avail. A second Saturday directory pointed us toward this little gem. The owner/photographer/artist, William, greeted us immediately (he has to —the place is smaller than a postage stamp). Anyone who has been accosted by a shopkeeper in a small shop knows that these greetings can be extremely awkward. This was decidedly NOT the case here. William’s greeting was warm and generous of spirit, and we quickly found him to be a genuinely congenial, pragmatic sort with an artist’s sensibility. Anyhow, his photographs are STUNNING, and we found that the stories behind them only added to their interest. Bottom line, we selected a triptych (my word of the week care of William) with some very basic guidance from him. We recently hung them in our space, and we are THRILLED! Don’t miss this gallery— even if you don’t purchase one of Will’s photos, you’ll enjoy the experience!” - Julie Martin

“This is a not-to-be-missed secret gem tucked behind other structures. Upon walking into the Water Gallery, I was immediately struck by the abstract nature of William de la Mare’s water photographs. These are no ordinary photos of water. Instead, William has captured water not only in different forms (water, steam, snow), but also in its intrinsic and unnoticed forms. Beautiful! Equally important, take some time to have a conversation with William, who has a varied background and whose name de la Mare interestingly means ‘of the sea’. His interest in capturing water in photographs goes philosophically deeper into water as a precious resource. So true. William also creates these lovely and delicate porcelain bowls and wood sculptures that have natural and organic shapes. Feels, and looks, good to the touch. The only suggestion I would make is to encourage William to post his pricing clearly. Or maybe I just missed it because my eyes only looked at the photographs! Do yourself a favor. Don’t miss the Water Gallery.” - S. Fong

“There are galleries you walk into and know immediately you are seeing something special, something different, something through the eye of a photographer who sees the world in a light only they can perceive. I don't get that feeling very often. I did at the Water Gallery. De la Mare's work on water and light is a phenomenon all its own. I love the print I purchased. If you are in Mendocino, don't miss this tiny tucked away water tower and a chance to talk directly to the photographer.” - Tracy L.

“My husband and I wandered into this quaint and funky little art gallery and were very impressed with the photography! William creates amazing water photography, as well as collects and 'restores' beautiful pieces of driftwood. The art is mesmerizing, and I plan to visit again and purchase a piece for myself! It is a must-see in downtown Mendocino. Awesome place!” - Hannah McDonald

“William is welcoming, patient, and talented! Absolutely beautiful work around the theme of water with great stories behind the pieces.” - Audrey Nowell

“We purchased a couple lovely photos there. It was a very pleasant experience. The photos were mailed very carefully and arrived in impeccable condition. Super happy with the photos. Recommended.” - Gabriel Hartmann

“Was in area with our family and came across a quaint and unique gallery in one of Mendocino's iconic water tower. The gallery owner is also the artist-photographer of the works displayed. His work - of water as the name would imply - is beautiful and evocative of the area. I spent an hour in lively conversation and an order for one of his works. It arrived matted, as promised a week after we returned home. Well worth a browse!” - Danielle Hamada

“My friend and I stumbled into this gallery by chance; the proprietor, William, welcomed us in. I found his photographs, particularly the ones of water, to be mesmerizing. If I had the cash on hand, I certainly would have bought many of his works. I was grateful for the opportunity to see his work, as it gave me a new perspective on the majesty of water. Well worth a look, whether you are buying or not.

“Despite the fact that I wasn't in the market (my friend did purchase a handmade bowl), William was gracious and engaging. You can tell from the books he keeps that he is knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. I would have loved to hear more about his motorcycle journeys - he had been on an epic trip before currently settling down in Mendocino due to the coronavirus pandemic. My friend and I took up a lot of his time, but William was gracious and willing to chat.

“After we left, I turned to my friend and said that "I feel like we've just met the most interesting man in the world." Great experience, wonderful gallery, engaging owner.”

- Andrew L.

Water Gallery, Mendocino CA

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Water Gallery - 44969 Ukiah Street - Mendocino CA
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