William de la Mare

The Water Tower
44969 Ukiah Street 
Mendocino CA


Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Sunday
10am - 6pm (waves permitting)
and, at other times, by appointment.

“Stunning artwork, beautiful gallery, and the highest quality material. It's hard to know which art to bring into your home and share your space with for years to come, but the experience we had with Will didn't leave a single guess. His gallery itself is stunning: calm energy, reminders of the natural beauty of Mendocino in every corner, and a most welcoming entrance.

“Will's eye for the world and his ability to capture it in his photography is second to none, and his photo of the coastline is our daily reminder of moments we've shared on the coast and of the power and beauty of those waters.

“We additionally brought home a driftwood piece of his - and it's become one of the coolest pieces of art in our home: our friends get to touch it, its curves and colors make it a true statement piece, and perhaps best of all - we got to talk to Will about how he finds them, how he works with them, and why this one spoke to him at the time.

“An additional note - we purchased our art and had it shipped to our home. Will was extraordinarily communicative and thoughtful. He let us know immediately when the artwork was on its way, followed up with tracking, and even after delivery he made sure we received everything properly - and the packing he put together ensured the art was safe throughout its journey.

“Getting such a great experience with the artist - who shared with us his knowledge and thoughts on a variety of subjects - made the entire experience extraordinary and special.

“If you are looking for stunning art from a great artist, we so highly recommend Will and his Water Gallery.”

- Tommy Kedar

Water Gallery, Mendocino CA

Email - william@motomendo.com
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Water Gallery - 44969 Ukiah Street - Mendocino CA
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